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Clinically proven

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m.ángeles, abril 2024

"I have been taking Electra for almost a month now and I feel calmer. I sleep better. I get more rest and I feel clear-headed and calm."

Beneficios de su uso diario

Reduced feelings of stress and anxiety.

Superlativa helps to reduce cortisol levels, promoting resistance to stress and anxiety and a reduced onset of its symptoms.

Stable Energy and Less Nervousness.

Superlativa facilitates stable energy levels throughout the day and promotes calmness and a better mood.

Better sleep quality.

Superlativa helps to achieve a restful sleep, making it easier to fall asleep and reducing awakenings.

More concentration and memory.

Superlativa aids memory and promotes concentration, focus and mental clarity.

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Our results are only thanks to the best ingredients.


Ashwagandha Sensoril® contains the highest concentration of active compounds on the market.

With international patents and backed by 11 clinical studies, Ashwagandha Sensoril® has been shown to reduce cortisol levels by combating the symptoms of stress, insomnia and irritability and promoting a calm state of mind.

Bacopa has been shown to accelerate mental processing, improve attention, learning and memory, and help you adapt to stressful situations.

With nootropic, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties.

With a high concentration of essential nutrients, Goji berries have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, enhance immune function, and promote energy at the cellular level.

Schisandra berries promote increased energy levels throughout the day and support a healthy hormonal balance.

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Las opiniones de nuestros clientes

review electra
review electra
review electra
review clean
review clean

    "Llevo 2 semanas tomando Electra y he de decir que sí he notado el efecto positivo. Llevo un año con mucha ansiedad, ataques de pánico, incluso una urticaria crónica y me han mejorado los síntomas. Me noto con menos ansiedad y mejor estado de ánimo."



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    "In my case I started taking them because of an early perimenopause, I take Electra and Aphrodite and in a few days I noticed a great improvement in most of the symptoms, mainly in hot flushes and anxiety about eating, I recommend them 100%!"


    Ana s Delfa Navarro

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    "I've tried a thousand things for fluid retention and none have worked for me like these drops! I like the taste because I love liquorice and I go to the bath regularly. I put 5 drops under my tongue and the other 25 drops I put in a half-litre bottle of water and I take it throughout the morning. I have been taking it for almost two weeks and I started to notice the effects after 3 days. I feel much lighter and deflated, thank you! I have subscribed to have it every month!"



    Descubre Clean 


"The best seller that contains Ashwagandha to regulate cortisol levels, reduce irritability, and alleviate stress."

"Stop fluid retention"

"Feeling very tired or stressed? Adaptogenic medicinal plants can help you"

"The latest boom in beauty, wellness, and health is called nutraceuticals, or, in other words, nutritional or dietary supplements."

"This natural supplement for stress is what you need when you feel you can't take it anymore."


Principales resultados del estudio clínico Gold-Standard en producto final que cuantifica el impacto de Electra. Control placebo, triple ciego, 60 participantes, hombres y mujeres de 35 a 55 años.

  • experimentaron menos episodios de estrés.

  • sintieron una mejora sustancial en la sensación de ansiedad.

  • presentaron mejoras significativas en los niveles de energía.

% de participantes declaran mejorar después de 8 semanas

las fórmulas Superlativa

  • Clinically proven supplements.

  • Ingredients supported by +50 clinical studies.

  • National production. Sustainable packaging.

  • Vegan. Gluten free. Lactose free. Allergen free.